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Mike Lamb

Integrity of the electric equipment

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I will try and score to open SEPs as best I can. Mostly (in Texas) the panel is in the garage, but sometimes still heavily painted over ... or blocked by boxes, garden tools, shelves, etc..  If there are shelves built and covering the SEP ... Nope ... I'm not opening.

I seldom ever see an agent (listing or buyer's). Occasionally one will show up for what I call my "verbal book report" with the client. In the past many years I think I've had two properties where the listing agent was there, sitting at the kitchen table, for the the entire inspection. Outside of that ... I seldom ever see an agent.  Pretty much been the same for my 16+ years inspecting.  More so in more recent years for sure.

One other observation that I've noted over the past 5+ years is that the listing agent is often not wanting the complete inspection report sent to them (via the buyer's agent, etc. as part of negotiation). They only want an applicable paragraph copied/pasted into the to/fro for negotiations. They don't want the report to come through their e-mail system, they don't want to see it and they then can't be held liable for anything.

I find it interest, but it is not my concern once I deliver the report to my client.

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