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Water in the panel and outlets

Daniel Dodge

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You can begin with NEC 110.12(C). 

Integrity of Electrical Equipment and Connections.
Internal parts of electrical equipment, including bus bars,
wiring terminals, insulators, and other surfaces, shall not be
damaged or contaminated by foreign materials such as paint,
plaster, cleaners, abrasives, or corrosive residues. There shall
be no damaged parts that may adversely affect safe operation
or mechanical strength of the equipment such as parts that
are broken; bent; cut; or deteriorated by corrosion, chemical
action, or overheating.

You might also want to study this document: 


(You'll have to create a NEMA user account, but it's not a big deal.) 



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19 hours ago, Daniel Dodge said:

Yes and if its necessary? 

Perfect Jim Thanks 

"There's water in the main breaker panel.  Rainwater is breaching the exterior wall or roof structure somewhere and getting into the panel.  It's a major issue because water and electricity do not play well together. Ask a carpenter or someone familiar with residential construction to find the leak and fix it.  Do this before the next rainfall."

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There's water in my panel. It's traveling inside the SEC jacket. It's either liquid water entering the meter can via the bushing, or it's condensation forming inside the cable assembly since it enters close to my heating equipment. I'm leaning towards the latter since its dripping now, and it's -5° today.

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