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Snow intrusion through roof vents

Mike Lamb

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I have only seen this once or twice before where there was a nice pile of snow beneath the roof vents. This was in an unheated attached garage attic. Would you blame severe weather and it could not be helped, or maybe they need new snow proof roof vents if there is such a thing.  The roof above was mostly snow covered. 

Part of the house had vaulted ceilings with some moisture stains near the ridge and I speculate the same thing might be happening at the roof vents above that area as well.




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2 hours ago, Marc said:

Mike O once mentioned some roof vents designed for high wind areas to keep the rain out.  Perhaps that would work on snow also if winds were high.

Windblown snow is usually like windblown dust- the flakes have been bashed about and they're very small. It's usually not a big deal because it melts and spreads through the insulation layer and the resulting huge surface area encourages rapid evaporation. The snow in Mike's picture, lacking insulation,  may leave a mark.  

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Looks to me from the picture that the rain baffle ring and screen are out of position, leaving nothing to stop snow and animals from dropping into the attic.

I've seen some installations here in Kentucky where they leave the baffle ring completely out.


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There is a product in ridge venting that is designed for snow areas; GAF's is linked here. I would assume other manufacturers make something similar.


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I see this every winter.  Usually not too much snow in the attic, except for the other day when, after quite a blizzard, i found about 2 cubic feet of snow sitting in the soffit area.  Probably a missing flashing at the exterior.  The snow melts and evaporates rather quickly in most cases and presents no real problem.


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