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John Kogel

Driving is stressful

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I had a link to a dashcam video here, but it has gone off into the ozone. The video shows a typical commute on a busy and winding 2-lane country road. Around the curve comes a van with a ladder rack, drifting over the center line, almost hits the car in front and veers off just before colliding head-on with the dashcam car.

I am thankful that I can relax these days and not have to deal with that type of stress on a  daily basis. Doing two inspections a day meant driving  three times, and having deadlines, big panic to be there early.



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I did 2 houses in one day maybe twice. Usually spent 2.5 > 3.5 looking and that time plus an hour more per doing the reports.  Easy to do when you don't get much work. Never hurts to do your best other than the RE's hating the reports.
I'm 4 months retired now. Best job I ever had. It was just starting to roll, too. After a mere 10 years.
I took a quick look, 20 minutes, at a house for a friend today just to see if it was worth going further.  Felt weird checking one out again. I had trouble loading pictures on the PC,  being out of it and all.                                                                                                                                                    Young folks getting out of college, not finding rewarding work, paying off loans, yikes. My younger son could have just walked right into my gig,  but nooo, dada dumb. Better to get into drug land. He's crawling out of that stuff, but geeze. I just turned the light off to a great gig.        Don't worry about me. I'm going up to Tahoe for a month ski vaca in March. Then another month car camping around the Sierra Nevada mtns. Pray for me! ha


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I have just over 1M miles under my belt. Serviced IT equipment for 29 years, in the field. Making 3-8 stops in a day get you into all kinds of situations. Driving can be a PITA.

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