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Fire glass gas fireplace

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You're actually supposed to use an extended tip lighter to light it, not throw a match on top of it, though I guess a match thrown on top would probably also work.

This video will educate you about fireplaces with fireglass.

Well, I was going to link a YouTube video about H Burners and fireglass but keep getting a 403 Forbidden error when I do so.

Have to look it up online yourself.  "How to Install an H-Burner and Fire Glass in Your Fireplace".

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This reminds me of my youth, dropping a match into the burner pot of an oil-fired cookstove in the kitchen. Occasionally there'd be too much oil in the pot and it would blow soot for a while. Eventually there'd be piles of carbon from all those matches.

Unfortunately, gas refuses to stay in one place, so there is a hazard if the flame is not there to ignite the gas right away.

It looks like those things can be fitted with a pilot light for improved safety, so there's your recommendation.

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