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Mike Lamb

B Vent Connection

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Well, that's not an appliance connector I've ever seen.  I suspect it's a universal adapter - to connect one brand of B-vent to another.

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install guides http://www.ameri-vent.com/submittals-specs#type-b-vent-gas

4. When installing, make sure arrow on the AmeriVent
part is pointed up or away from the appliance.

5. When installed as a Type B Gas Vent, a minimum of
one (1) inch airspace clearance to combustible
material is required. For Type B 2x4 and BW Vents
see Section 2, page 10 for clearance to combustibles.
All locking joints are to be securely snap-locked
together. See the rear page of these instructions for
detailed information about locking and unlocking vent
sections. The first vent section must be screwed to
the appliance outlet collar. 

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