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clearance to combustibles

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This owner/builder occupied this house for a few years till he gave it back to the bank.

You can tell by the soot that he did have some fires in the wood stove this flue serves.  It luckily did not get hot enough to  ignite pine truss.

Photo shows his adaptation for lack of 2" clearance to combustibles noted on the flue label.

Is there anybody here that would not call for correction?


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On 8/9/2018 at 7:48 AM, Les said:

Is this really a house? or barn/garage?  Does not make any difference - just curious.


This is kind of an iceberg's tip.  No deck no vent screening.  Below things get funnier.

"bank-owned" and empty for several years, it was scooped up by an out of state auction company and listed at a "bargain" price.  Local looking for real estate deals paid way too much for it.

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