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Mark P

Subpanel question

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Hi, It has been a longtime since I've posted... Hope everyone is well. Here is my question.  

There is a main panel with a 30 amp circuit running to a subpanel; 30 amp breaker in main panel and #10 running between the 2 panels.  In the subpanel there is a 100 amp main disconnect. So the #10 runs from a 30 amp breaker in the main panel to a 100 amp breaker in the subpanel.  Is this allowed. It seems the wire would be protected by the 30 amps breaker and the 100 amp breaker is irrelevant. I'm sure I'm over thinking this and at onetime I new the answer.  Thanks for the help. Mark P. 

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Right, it is good practice to write '30 amps Max' somewhere on the subpanel front, but it is not required by the NEC, AFAIK.

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