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Mold remediation or paint?

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RMR is a mold killer that goes on clear, and destroys the nasties, leaving the wood looking clean. At least that's what the video shows. The other treatments we were told about at a HI chapter meeting leaves the wood visible, so its effect on the mold can be seen.

Yeah. Looks like paint, to me, though I don't know why they would use so little as to leave the underlying problem visible.

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sure looks like kilz or BIN or other synthetic mold food.  We see it 50-60 times a year.  mostly advertised as a mold killer or mold stop.  Far as I know it does neither.  


I do own a restoration company and we only use Concrobium (bakiing soda) and couple of mold color removers, hydrogen peroxide base. 


Some kid at big box told them what to do. 

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Years ago I inspected a little house that used gas space heaters, those notorious moisture generators, on which a contractor had laid a metal panel roof.  In so doing he eliminated every bit of attic ventilation there was.  The entire attic frame and deck was blackened by something related to moisture accumulation.

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