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So much for getting my paper work done this evening - THANKS A LOT! Well here's my best - not quite as long as ya'll's[:-cry][:-indifferent] (I have penguin envy). Actually, I'm sure I could have done better but my wife got in on the act and took it away from me. (Her best was only 302)

Back to paperwork [:-indifferent]- after just 5 more tries......

Charlie Sessums

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I have been thinking about a fee increase and I want to thank you for this fee calculator. I must add, however, clearer instructions would have helped. At least it gave me a starting point.

Using the average of my best 7 out of 10 scores, I will now inspect a house of less than 1200 sq/ft. for $82.70[:-bonc01]

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On Terry's behalf, I've forwarded the website to PETA, along with a picture of Terry wearing a polar bear coat while eating baby harp seal off the back of a sperm whale tethered to an ice breaker by harpoon and line.

I felt that his view on the usefulness of penguins and the only known Sasquatch would be of particular interest to PETA and may even help them understand another point of view.

I'll be interested to hear whether they choose to contact him by phone or in person.

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