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Sistering Floor joists is this ok??

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I'm sistering some knotched floor joists in my house. I'm using 3 1/2in 16D nails spacing them 6-8in apart on the board with 3 nails in each column so approximately 21 nails per 4ft board. The nails do stick out the other side of the floor joist and I read elsewhere that this is fine. So for those that have done this kind of work before do these pictures look like everything is good? Does it not matter that the original floor joist kinda loses a bit of wood as the nail punches through the other side?



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...if all you are doing is making up for that notch you are doing fine.  That kind of scabbing can also be done with plywood and screws.  Looks like you had plenty of room to swing a hammer down there.  I have seen lots of floor joists way overnotched at their very ends that have lasted fifty years without failing.

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