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I live in a rented bungalow that is family owned. Three contractors later, several thousands of dollars either wasted or stolen, I have decided that the job is never going to be done, but a girl needs a bathroom. Upon the exit of the last horses arse building (non)professional, who managed to sheetrock over his handiwork in a hurry, implore you all to see why I opened up the walls and floor to see what the hell the “new subfloor and bathroom” were actually built like, and oh, the horrors...how can I go forward? I have my plan, which does not include lighting a match or moving just yet. 

handiwork from hell

















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I have many many more pics and can upload today’s latest afterbi put on my coveralls and head to Home Depot. I an

most concerned for support under the bathroom as it was an old addition to a Pony Express weighing station, and the house is on slab until this bath and deck were added in. Termites and water every which way. 

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What's the plan?  Want a suggestion?  Get some technical representation on your side of the table.  Someone who knows enough about houses to put to paper exactly what needs to happen and to confirm that it does indeed happen.  Such language will scare off any future prospective contractor should they turn out to be just another horse arse (with teeth).

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I don't understand. You live in a rented home. Is the owner having this work done or are you having the work done? You say it's "family owned." Does that mean that *a* family owns it or does *your* family own it? Why are you taking apart work in a house that you don't own? Please explain what's actually happening here. 

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Like Marc said be sure you know what you are looking for before you head down to the big box.  Most of all don't ask the guy at the big box what to do or buy.  

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