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venting free standing gas appliance

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Thanks for pointing that out Bill.  I went through the manual.  I see what the manual calls an ECO Limit Switch.  I think that is a high limit switch.  Is this what you are talking about?  I can understand that poor draft can make the draft hood heat up too much and thus a high limit switch could shut the thing down.



In the venting instructions it says all chimneys must terminate 2' above the roof line, etc.   But that is more of a standard chimney rule rather than a feature required to make the thing vent good enough, I'm guessing.

The venting instructions also say there must be at least 2' of vertical vent pipe coming off the hood before any elbows are used.  Maybe that is the needed amount of vertical rise needed to ensure adequate draft.


When I get around to tinkering some more, I'll go 2' up, then install two 45's to go through the wall, then another 1' straight horizontal.  I'll fire the thing up and see if it maintains without shutting down.  In any event, I can always add vertical pipe on the exterior if needed.

In other news, there will be no CSST in my house.  I have a new found respect for the complications of running black iron pipe in existing structures.  It will be done though.  The kitchen is adjacent which has gas supply so I'm lucky that complications are not worse.

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