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4 w/ ground 14 AWG NM

Chad Fabry

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This is new to me. I was inspecting a one-year old home to confirm the owner's suspicions that it was a piece of crap. (it was).

the panel is wired with NM. There are two consecutive, single pole breakers, one with a red wire, one with a black wire. No handle tie. In my head, I was already writing a blurb about the missing tie for a MWBC or a 240 circuit. 

The legend says the breakers feed garage lighting and exterior receptacles.

The breakers supply an NM cable that has a black, red, two neutrals and a ground. I haven't ever seen it before.

The lesson for me is to never assume.    It's the leftist? most left? on the left? cable in the photo.      


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  • Chad Fabry changed the title to 4 w/ ground 14 AWG NM

You'll be seeing more of it in the future. The 2nd white wire has a red stripe, just to keep things straight. 

I started seeing it about 10 years ago, when AFCIs really started to take off and when the requirement to run a neutral to every switch kicked in. 

It's very expensive stuff, but it saves on labor. 

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