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New Name, Same Equipment

Bill Kibbel

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Daikin purchased Goodman back in 2012 if I recall.  They have taken their time to get the naming plates modified.

Couple installers in D/FW have the Daikin name all over their service trucks and I'm seeing more ads about the product as well.

We put in a new complete HVAC system (w/furnace) in 2009. I chose an Amana that had a couple upgrade elements from the similar Goodman unit.  Get my annual spring A/C service call tomorrow AM and what seems to be an annual replacement of the fan in the top of the condensing unit.

I've been on tours through the Goodman factory and their distribution center in Houston a couple times. Pretty impressive with their quality controls.

Planning on getting an American Standard when it comes time to replace this one, but I hope that won't be for a few years yet.

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8 hours ago, Bill Kibbel said:

Thanks Nolan. This is the first I've seen.  In my experience, Goodman is only popular here for large developments. Many installers and service techs here still have a strong disdain for Goodman.

That is correct.  Goodman (I think Janitrol was part of them as well) has had a checkered past.  Goodman family first owned and controlled them and were (initially) reasonably good. Then they sold and went public and QA/QC went to hell in a hand basket.  After many years of 'crap' the Goodman family took them private again and kicked butt for good QA/QC.  Made many improvements during that time frame and also purchased the Amana name and it was sort of considered a Cadillac versus the Chevrolet (my terms for Amana and Goodman labeling).  That was the time-frame I was able to experience the tours at their Houston factory and distribution center. The Goodman folks were very open and vocal about the past and their move back to private ownership and the QA/QC focus to try and improve the perception of "Goodman".

Goodman had always (and still is) considered lower class, builder's grade (IE: cheaper) product.

I'm wondering if Daikin will have any better luck at changing that perception over time?

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22 hours ago, John Ghent said:

Nothing runs like a Trane.  My 5-ton is going on 16 years old.

Yeah, but wait till it breaks and you're trying to get it rolling again.  Pain in the neck.

16 is young.  I've seen several 40 yr old Rheems, still running.

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