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Fiberglass roof leak?


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Hi Guys,

I am seeing some cracking n leaks on my fiberglass roof deck. Its just 7 years old. However, mistake i made was to recoat it elastomeric aluminum fibered coat instead of gel coat. Now sanding is not working as fiberglass is thin n coating is too rough/strong. Without sanding its not bonding to the aluminum coat.

Is there any other option to seal the crack? Maybe some “ special putty” ? 

- Thanks All

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No. There's no special putty. 

At this point, the fiberglass can't be saved. I suggest either applying a brand new deck covering on top of it or pulling the whole thing off and starting over. 

How much vertical distance do you have between the surface of the deck and any door thresholds? Do you have pictures? 

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Hi Jim,

thanks for the reply. Attached is a pic which is one if the few spots showing cracks. Since the guy working in it said there was some “putty” for fiberglass which he would use. I figured posting a question online might confirm such a thing.


first option of setting a new plywood in top of one thats there could be an issue given the slope of the roof might not line up and water ponding could take place. 

Putting a new roof is another option, any idea how much such a job would cost?


-thanks again...


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