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Surface Wiring

Mike Lamb

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Surface equipment, if listed, is fine.  Maybe you are thinking of the fact that Romex is not listed except by exception by local AHJ, for commercial use.  In my day as an AHJ banks (of which an awful lot were built around here during those crazy Y2K days), always wanted to put on a real homey feel in their design, (maybe instead of the cold steel industrial hidden face of their operation).  They used wood frame walls and cushy comfortable conference rooms and offices, with judges' paneling and tray ceilings, and they always wanted a break from commercial wiring conduit rules.

The other thing they always wanted a break from was the code requirement for a drinking fountain outside of the required restrooms.  They always said they would provide contracted drinking water stations, which they usually did.

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12 hours ago, Mike Lamb said:

Is this type of residential surface wiring okay per the NEC?

Very much so. You can read all about it in Article 386, "Surface Nonmetallic Raceways." 

The most common one that I see is LeGrand's "Wiremold." I just finished installing some of their related "plugmold" strips in my kitchen. Pain in the ass to work with. 

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