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repair built in tile soap dish

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My shower has a matching soap dish that has a nasty gouge right through the center.  It is rather shallow but I would like to fill it with a matching grout.

If I use grout should I use should I use sanded or unsanded? 

Are there other option to fill the gash with something other than grout?

Do I need to use some type of adhesive or cleaner before application?

I appreciate the assist.     

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Is the gouge in a glazed portion of ceramic? If so, I'd call someone who can apply  epoxy that could be buffed to match the surrounding sheen. Unless you can match the color perfectly, I'd suggest a kintsugi-style repair in which you make no effort to hide the fact that it's a repair. 

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Here's a picture.  I forgot to include it with the original post.

The gouge is on the top side of the dish.  I am puzzled how it happened.  I was not in the house when this occurred.  Anyhow,  I am not terribly concerned about a perfect match.  I only want to get close to the existing color.  More importantly, I want to get a smooth surface.  Right now, you run the risk of cutting a finger.

I appreciate the advice.


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