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Old WESCO limit switch?


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I have an old Wesco that I think is a model 1500 BRUH. Or maybe its a #889606. 788-7209? I Can get all types of numbers but I can not locate a limit switch that I know matches the specs I should have. Or maybe all I need to know is that it's a 240v 4.9Kw? IF that is the case anyone have an idea what temp 4.9Kw is? More numbers? 7112555, epd446-417, or 138325 which is a sticker on the element rack thing. On the mount of the limit switch it has L170-2 F4V 20601L111-76 in a circular pattern so I really don't know if they mean anything but I think the part number is L170-2? I have tried Google and good ol Wesco furnaces aren't getting any love. I don't think they are in business anymore so did someone buy them out? I can cross reference a similar model? I don't think a limit switch should be hard to locate but I'm not a HVAC guru and really don't want to pay a dude dough I don't have to watch him change a part that is 2 screws, 2 electric connections and shouldn't be more then $20ish for the part. There's two racks. Top has 2 elements and the bottom has 1. Each have their own switch but the bottom one is the one that blew. I have and will clean up the furnace and yes I am aware the filter needed changed. I have spent 3 years searching for this part. It's getting cold again. I have been told to replace my furnace by every HVAC person I have spoken with. There's got to be an old school HVAC guy that knows this stuff and willing to share the secret to my limit switch search right?   

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Take off the old switch and bring it to Graingers. They should be able to match it for you. 

Wesco electric furnaces tend to have an unlimited service life. Every part in them can be replaced by off-the-shelf stock. 

If you're in the Portland area (Wesco was made in Portland), any furnace tech should be able to swap it for you, but you're right, he'll charge you $125 or so. 

Is this furnace paired with a heat pump or something? It's unusual to see a straight electric furnace. 

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