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What kind of roofing material is this?


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I did an inspection today on a 1998 home that had an addition installed sometime after that. The addition has a flat roof with what appears to be a vinyl cap sheet. It is tan with small fibers embedded into it in a small diamond pattern. Photos are attached. Has anyone seen this before. Any information will be helpful. I leaving to go do a google search after I post this.

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Hi Scott,

Without going to look at the site, it looks like it is a fabric-reinforced PVC membrane. I see them here every once in a while, although I've never run into one that was that color.

They're actually welded together with heat and are custom made off-site, using finite measurements taken from the roof. Everything, including the plumbing vents usually gets covered here and those things are stretched like a drumhead over the roof and fastened around the perimeter.

Around here, they're a popular option for seniors to re-roof their manufactured homes.



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