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Press Release - Inspector Roadshow

Bill Kibbel

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Thanks to journalist and author Jim Morrison (whose work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Boston Business Journal, Forbes.com and hundreds of publications across the country) for the following:


Rochester, NY (January 27, 2020)Inspector Central is holding its first-ever Home Inspector Road Show March 20-22, 2020 at the iconic Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center in Buffalo, NY

This is not a typical home inspector conference. The speakers each have decades of study and field experience. You will leave this conference with practical knowledge you can put to use on your next inspection. But don’t expect three days of dry lectures, these guys like to have a little fun when they’ve got an audience in front of them.

The three-day conference offers 24 CEUs and features three nationally-well-known expert home inspectors: Bill Kibbel, Jim Katen and Chad Fabry.

The Hotel Henry is a National Historic Landmark just 15 minutes from the airport and a two-hour flight from most major airports in the Northeast. Buffalo is the second-largest city in NY and just 20 miles from Niagara Falls, so your spouse will have plenty to see and do while you’re in class. In fact, you might want to plan to stay an extra day or two (and bring your passport).

Don’t scramble to find some locally thrown-together class at the last minute when you license is up for renewal. Spend three days with some seasoned home inspection veterans. You’ll learn a lot, have some laughs, and come home with two years’ worth of CEUs. Add in the war stories you’ll hear being swapped over meals, and there is no better home inspection education value anywhere.

Register now and save $78!

The course is NY, NJ, PA, MA, MD, VA, ASHI, I-NACHI, and CAHPI-approved accredited continuing education.

Inspector Central is the premier multi-state approved education provider for Home Inspection Continuing Education in New York. Owner and lead instructor Chad Fabry has been building, renovating and inspecting residential and commercial buildings since the latter half of the 20th century.

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I will be there!  I never miss the opportunity to sit in these classes and heckle!  Years ago I sat all the way through one of Bill's presentations and never said one word!  He is good!

Katen will humble you with his knowledge of all things electrical!

Looks like Chad is finishing up the session on Sunday with code stuff.  I'm having a good breakfast on Sunday and be ready for him. 

Just about all of the inspectors in our company will be there and soaking up knowledge from these guys!


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Very kind of you to mention my name, Bill. I hope it doesn't keep too many people away.

Alternative headline: Washed-up home inspector advises everyone in the business to learn from the best-of-class

Yeah, that'd probably be too long.

I've learned plenty from all three speakers and if you were holding it just a little closer to Boston I'd be there to soak up their knowledge and to pick up a little more of what Les is laying down, too.

I hear things might be a little different now, but this conference is exactly what ASHI was in the early days. Honest, accomplished and earnest home inspectors seeking out the best in the field and learning what they had to teach. At dinner, they'd trade war stories and learn best practices from each other and at the bar later in the evening, they'd make great friends.

No one who doesn't do what you guys do can understand how damned hard it is to be good at it, let alone great. Bill, Chad and Jim do.  They'll up your game. 

Enjoy it. Post some pics. And please will one (or more) of you kind people buy Les a glass of something he likes. He's shared enough 'lessons learned the hard way' to save us all a heap of trouble.




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