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As bad as I've ever seen version 2.0

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These photos are from this past Friday's gig. Check out the Poria Incrassata in the crawlspace---with a nod to Mike for educating me about the stuff--and the black mold oozing down the trusses in the attic. When I stuck my noggin through the scuttlehole, my eyes began to water and my throat constricted nearly to a pinhole in protest. Without question, this is one of the most disgusting environments I've ever been thrust into.

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Looks like a PRIME candidate for ozone shock treatment! Not to mention, I wouldn't work in that space till after the ozonination had done its thing to kill all the nasties in the air and on the surfaces.

Don't fool around with mold and mildew-- even the "harmless" varieties aren't good for you!

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