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gypsum as ext sheathing

Jim Baird

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Sorry no photos, as edge indications I have are not showy anyway.

Brick veneer on 1975 house stands on a 12" block course placed on a continuous footing.  12" block course also supports periodic 8" block piers that support beam and floor frame.  Codes typically call for plywood sheathing at corners and at intervals to prevent rack of wall framing. In between I have seen "blackboard" and composition foamboard, but that is about it.  Over sheathing goes the WRB.  This house has gypsum wallboard, AKA sheetrock, as the fill in between structural sheath.

Anyone here seen such use?


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42 minutes ago, Jim Baird said:

Anyone here seen such use?

Occasionally. I've even see EPS foam panels used for that purpose. Though most of the GWB is paperless nowadays - like Densglass. 

I don't like it because I'm in earthquake country and our buildings need all the shear they can get. 

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