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Fresh water supply at 35 PSI


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It's a bit low, but it should be fine as long as the water service pipe is large enough to allow adequate flow. 

My house has about 37 psi on a really good day (when the water level in the reservoir is at its highest level). In the summer, when several of my neighbors are irrigating and the reservoir level drops, my house only gets about 24 psi. It can be a problem for us because the line between our meter and our house is only 3/4" PVC and it's about 800' long with a rise of about 100'. That said, I can still get a decent shower even when the pressure is at its lowest. We raised three kids under these conditions and it was generally fine. That said, I'm still surprised by the force of "normal" showers when I stay in a hotel. 

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4 hours ago, Bill Kibbel said:

You guys must be talking about static pressure.  Not as useful as measuring flow rate and flow pressure ( =capacity at point of use ). 

I'll need to invest in one, a pressure/flow gauge.

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