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Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (E.I.F.S)

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E.I.F.S. is probably one of the most misunderstood systems out there today and the home inspection world is rife with statements such as, "There's no such thing as a good EIFS job." Don't believe it. It is possible to do a good EIFS installation job that when maintained properly will remain leak and mold free. The fact that there are so many buildings in the Pacific Northwest clad in EIFS for many years without mold and water infiltration is the proof in the pudding.

The challenge for inspectors is knowing what to look for to spot the poor EIFS jobs and knowing how the system works is half the battle.

This free on-line course will help you gain that understanding. You'll have to register in order to take the course but don't worry it's free. Click here.

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I whole heartedly agree with you!

I was instructed and certified as a third party EIFS inspector, but decided I didn't care to deal with the added liability of assessing such a difficult system to truly inspect.

Great care and thought has gone into the systems being installed today. I would have no reservation having it on my own home as long as it was installed to the manufacturer's instructions.

Today's EIFS gets the same kind of bad press that todays Heat Pumps have to deal with! (When I replaced my 16 year old heat pump with a new one, I literally cut my electric bill in half! And, Register temperature went from 90 degrees to 110!)

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