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News Flash.. It's raining in Phoenix

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News Flash.. It's raining in Phoenix

After 143 days of no rain, Phoenix is getting rain today and high country is getting snow. It's almost like it's a holiday. Kids are outside playing with their umbrellas. The TV stations are taking pictures of the puddles in the street. It's truly amazing.

Fritz, are you getting any snow in the Camp Verde area? Chris might even be seeing some in the Anthem area.

With no inspections today, maybe I should pack up the kids and dog and head up to play in that white stuff.

Jeff Euriech

Peoria AZ

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Originally posted by chrisprickett


We acutally had snow in Anthem! Not that any stuck, but at about 10:30 this morning there were big ol' fat flakes coming down with the rain. I could see snow on the mountains in Camp Verde from my deck. First time i've seen that in the 6 years I've lived here!

Here's the view from my deck. Hell may have just frozen over!

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif snow1.JPG

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