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Scott Warga...WHISTLE BLOWER!!!

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I'm wondering if Uncle Sam has a Whistle Blower Protection Plan? That's something Scott should probably look into. I'd also hire the neighborhood punk to start my truck in the mornings.....

I agree, most of the problem, about 99.9% IMHO, lies with the scum builders. Having said that, there is a part of me who blames the average consumer. You know the one, the one who will do more research on the latest car or digital camcorder before purchasing one, than they will on the house they buy.

The one who doesn't get an inspection because 'The House is New, what could be wrong with it' or hires the cheapest inspector around because 'All Inspectors are the same, so why pay more'.

The ones who uses the internet to soak up every stat of every ball team and player back to 1945 but can't tell you squat about finding comsumer information on their builders or the communities they'll be living in.

The ones who think they're so nifty and smart by buying a brand new 4500 square ft home with 1 A/C in it for $200,000. The old saying "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" should be bouncing around in their head.

Today's inspection is a perfect example...buying is transferring here from NJ, bought the new home sight unseen and "has to close tomorrow". Home is still about 2 weeks from being finished, but he's still closing tomorrow!

Arrrgggg....sorry for the hijack, I'm through ranting now...

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Chris is just trying to get me to let everyone know that next week he will be quoted in the article and his photo will be in it too.

I was trying to stay in the background. You know feed the reporter information, ask questions, suggest names of people that she may want to contact. Names like Chris, honestly, I am the best PR he has out there and I get paid the least.[:-banghea

No respect I tell ya.

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Cute Jim,

A lady asked me at 2:56 pm today why I looked so serious. I looked at my watch and said, "Man it's about time. Somebody usually asks me something that by at least 12 noon every day." She didn't realize I was being absolutely truthful.

Not my fault. My parents made this mug, not me.



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