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Sayings that have greatly influenced your life

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Well, it hasn't influenced my life but it got me chuckling yesterday.

"Sweetie, I'm beginning to suspect this 'Preparation H" stuff doesn't make teeth any whiter." [:D]

Sherman the Shark from yesterday's Sherman's Lagoon comic strip.

OT - OF!!!


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you will henceforth be known to all as barry barth adair

Cooke County Adoption Judge

i told you that was going to hurt


i gave you life and i can take it away


the doctors have done all they can do for you, if you make it through the night it will be a miracle

ICU Nurse

Vidui, a last-rights prayer

we lost you for quite a while a number of times, welcome back!

ICU Nurse

i now pronounce you husband and wife



Daughter's OBGYN Nurse


Grandson's OBGYN Nurse


Grandson's OBGYN Nurse


Granddaughter's OBGYN Nurse



he’s dead

Numerous folks

she’s dead

Numerous folks

stand on one foot, lean your head back, close your eyes, touch your nose with your right.... TX DPS Officer

i sentence you to ...

TX Judge

i'm happy to inform you that you passed the inspectors exam


i love you and i’m proud of you.

Daniel F. Adair, my father, on his deathbed

it’s time to wake up G-D

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... looked up in darkness at the hand-hewn rafters. A knowing hand had shaped them, a knowing hammer drove the pegs. There is a quiet beauty in such things as these, a beauty more than paint or chisel make, the beauty of quiet men, making strong things for their own use, shaping each piece with loving fingers.

To the Far Blue Mountains

Louis L'Amour

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There is a phrase that I draw on a lot. It is deeper than it sounds, bu I will never forget the words my dear mother spoke to me on the evening of my 21st birthday. "Get your pants back on, and get out of the road!"

Then, there is the ever popular "It is far better to ask forgiveness than permission"

Anyone who hasn't seen them should tak ea look at www.demotivators.com from Despair Inc.

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