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PSSST .... Mike,

I know that we here in Michigan are 3 hours ahead of you west coasters. It is now half time here. When you pick your numbers for the game out there in Kenmore, just remember the half time score will be 10 - 14

I will let you know what the final score will be as soon as I know it.

Please keep this to yourself, I wouldn't want the Arizona, California and Oregon guys to think I was playing favorites, but after all, you did come up with this forum. This is the least I can do.


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The NFL is far and away the most successful sports league in the country, and for good reason. It's the only one with real parity. You can't just go out and out-spend you're competitors, you have be smarter, play harder, and be a little lucky to win it all. Every year now some bottom team from last year pops-up to play in the Super Bowl, and I love it. It's called hope, and fans need it. Dynasties are for Chinese emperors.

Brian G.

Die-Hard Saints Fan [:-football]

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