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Everyone Sells:- Part V - 15 Persuasion Techniques


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by Matt Michel

We start practicing the art of persuasion before we can utter a single word. Infants can be very persuasive.

Persuasion can be used to convince someone to buy goods and services. It can also be used to convince someone change behaviors, to adopt a belief system, and so on. Persuasion can be used for good or ill, depending on the morality of persuader. Following are 15 persuasion techniques. Practice them for good and beware of their ill-use on you.

1. Seek Another’s Perspective

When I was persuading Janet to join the Service Roundtable, she mentioned she was tired of her commute. The Service Roundtable World Headquarters was about the same distance, but we telecommute three days a week. This became a major factor in her decision. People act for their reasons, not yours. Try to get inside the buyer’s head. Try to understand how he sees the world and what motivates him.

Implicit in understanding is listening. Ask questions and listen. LISTEN! People will tell you what motivates them.

2. Find Points of Agreement

If you are selling air conditioners and a homeowner makes a comment about the price of electricity, you should jump on it. Say, “Boy, I agree. Electric rates are out of sight.â€

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