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Identifying Manufacturing Date of Dunkirk Boiler


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Hi All,

A couple of months ago, after I put together that serial number decoder for water heaters, a few of you asked for something like that for boilers. In response, I asked folks to send me information about how to date various boilers, so I could compile same. So far, almost nothing, so I'm going to try another tactic - you guys give me the names of the boilers and I'll track down the manufacturers and try to find out how to date them myself. I'll start the list and you guys add to it. Okay?







Okay, I"m not in boiler country, I've exhausted the boiler brands that I've encountered, you guys add to this list.




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Did anything ever come of this? You know, with all your spare time helping us schleps figure out which way is up...

If this is something your still working on;

Smith Boilers

The serial # will start with a letter followed by 3-5 Numbers. The first two numbers following the letter are the year of Manufacture. Smith started in 1853

Pensotti - Italian Made

The Date is cast into the front of the heat exchanger. On the back section there will be a code that will read 15.11.96 or 15.11.1996 Depending on when the boiler was made it will also have the code on the front leg area or just below the cleanout cover. That number stands for November 15, 1996. (there is a removable plate on the jacket)

Weil-Mclain you have to call them and ask for the tech dept - Give them the CP # on the data plate or sticker. (219)879-6561


See the attached .jpg file -Ok it won't load. - Email me if you need it


The last four digits of the Serial are the MMYY

General Electric (Old)

American Standard

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To load a .jpg photo, resize it to less than 100 Kb and then rename it without any symbols in the name or spaces. In other words kyles house(downtown) needs to be KylesHouseDowntown or Kyles_House_Downtown or something similar. Then it will load. However, if you are using Firefox or Netscape, you may need to upload it to the upload window and then cut and paste the URL to the photo into your post.

I'd still like to do this, but I didn't get a whole lot of input on it as you can see. I'll be happy to pass it off to anyone that wants to tackle it.

OT - OF!!!


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Thank Kyle,

That's great. Now, if only all of the hundreds of folks bogarting those various cheat sheets out there were to do that we might be able to come up with a pretty comprehensive single document and put it in the downloads section for everyone to use.

Oh, by the way, I've got to get around to updating the water heater serial number decoder, because AO Smith Water Heaters has gobbled up State, Reliance, Maytag, American and GSW since I first published that. (Grrrr, leave it to some kajillion dollar corporation to make more work for me.).

OT - OF!!!


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Here are two brands I see all of the time:


No date code used in serial number. Call 1-888-432-8887 and provide serial number. They will have info of initial buyer and date of purchase.

New Yorker

Various systems were used. Some newer models have year stamped inside main cover.

If you get stuck, call 215-855-8055.

I've seen a few EFM units, but didn't know their system.

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It's "H.B." Smith (not JB). Hydrotherm/H.B.Smith are part of a group in Westfield, MA called "Mestek".

On a side note, I saw a brand-new Weil-McLain oil-fired hydronic boiler with a cracked section the other day. Never assume anything (as usual). I always use an extension mirror and get on my knees to check the visible underside areas of cast iron sectional boilers for leaks. I'll try to post the photo of the cracked boiler section. Bad-casting..

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