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Length of flue pipe


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Originally posted by inspecthistoric

"What's the maximum length for direct vent (PVC) flue pipe?"

I think that is determined by the manufacturer. I saw one that was 45' that was listed as acceptable.

Do you have the pipe diameter, # of elbows, furnace manufacturer and model # ?id="blue">

I've been to the Lennox site, & couldn't find anything that applied. I know that it varies, and different mfg's. have differing requirements.

I just thought maybe someone would have the magic link for a "standard" industry limitation.....

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Originally posted by Neal Lewis

The vent pipe sizing table for the Lennox G26 Cat IV furnace says for a 3" exhaust the maximum lenght is 130 feet, straight run with no elbows. 90 degree elbow is equivalent to 5 feet; 45 is 2 1/2 feet.

On 90 degree there are short sweep and long sweep elbows. The long sweep is equivalent to 5 feet. The short sweep is 10 foot equivalent.

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