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Installing a Garbage Disposal


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I would like to add a switch and a duplex receptacle to one of my kitchen circuits to accomodate garbage disposal. This is the same circuit as the fridge, and it looks like the circuit is run so that a GFCI DR follows the fridge in the series, then goes to a second DR(Fridge, GFCI, DR), and its 12/2. I am a novice so I have the following questions:

1) Is it an appropriate assumption that a GFCI can be placed in the middle of a branch circuit and will only disable outlets that are downstream from it? (cause the fridge doesnt go off when i hit the test)

2) Can I put a disposal on the same circuit as the fridge?

3) Can I turn the DR at the end of the run into the disposal switch, then run a new DR to under the sink?

4) Are there any codes specifying the position of the switch in relation to the kitchen sink?



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1) yes, if the gfci is wired in series, if it's wired in parallel it'll be the only protected receptacle 2)no 3)maybe, if the box is big enough to contain the additional conductors

4)yes, but I'm not sure what it is. Someone'll answer this. I think it's three feet from a water source, but that may apply only to receptacles.

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