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Look Twice At Those Ceiling Fans

Michael Brown

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Moved from Front Page Headlines February 15th, 2004

Just when you think you've got all of the different overhead fan configurations figured out, along comes the Reiker Room Conditioner to screw things up.

That's because the Reiker Room Conditioner isn't just an overhead circulation fan - this one's a heat source as well. Designed to eliminate cold spots in a room, the fan has four separate heating elements inside the motor base that are coupled to a thermostat. When the fan is first turned on, all four elements are activated. Then, one by one, they turn themselves off as the temperatures in the room even out.

Installation of this device is no more involved than any other type of overhead fan. However, inspectors should be cognizant of the rules governing installation of resistance element heating devices in their individual jurisdictions.

Additional details can be obtained by visiting the Reiker website at : http://www.BuyReiker.com or calling the company direct at 1-866-473-4537.

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