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ASHI forum back up

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And it's still slow. After experiencing O'Handleys joint, going back to the molasses in January speed of the ASHI site is rough.

FWIW; I just booked a job 2 blocks from my house. The customer found me through the metro search function of the new ASHI site. I've paid for my branding experience. It is in an area where I am usually blackballed out by the local realtors. Maybe I'm gonna start getting work in my own backyard. [:-eyebrows]

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Originally posted by Scottpat

The Metro search for my area is the entire state of Mississippi! Granted MS is only 120 miles or so wide but it is about 450 miles in length!

I already posted a complaint about this on the ASHI forum, it's ridiculous. It should be by the state first, then the "Metro Area". I think it's going to confuse some people who have sense enough to know they aren't looking for an inspector in a metro area. [:-boggled]

Brian G.

In the City of Mississippi? [:-banghead]

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Hi Paul,

I have to admit that being able to make a topic as read is a nice feature. I remember asking Mike B. about what could be done about doing something like that here, but I don't recall what the answer was.

I hope you aren't scrolling up and down the 'all forums' page looking at times and dates to find what's been most recently posted. The software will do that a couple of ways for you. You can choose 'recent topics' under the forums button above to display a set number of the most recent topics, or you can use 'active topics' just to pull up the ones that have been added since you last logged on.

Here's what I do when I come onto the site:

-I pass my cursor over 'forums' on the blue bar above, so that the menu drops down. I then choose 'active topics'.

-When the page comes up, I'll set the box to look backward over the forum for the amount of time since I was last on, whether, 15 minutes, 30, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc, and then let it pull up all of the new posts.

-I then work my way through those new topics from top to bottom. Every time I finish reading a post, I just use the back arrow to return to the active topics menu and I move to the next one in the list.

-If I want to answer a post I just do so. When I'm done answering, I use my back arrow to click my way back to that some active topics screen again, so I can move to the next item on the list.

-When I finally get to the bottom, and have read every post, I use the back arrow to return to that list again and I click on the magnifying glass at the top of the left column to mark all those topics as read.

-I then put my cursor on the number of active topics number (which will still be displaying the number of topics in that list) and click it one time. If there haven't been any new posts since I began reading my way through that list, it will display 'No active topics'.

-If there have been new topics since I logged on - say 3 - it will display '3 active topics', wherein I click on the '3 active topics' and it brings up the list of new, unread topics and I repeat the process.

I know this sounds complicated, but if you print this post and then follow these instructions carefully, after doing this a few times it is just as fast as how things used to work on the ASHI board.

I'll ask Mike again whether there is a way to individually mark a post as read, so it won't display, but I can't promise anything. After all, he's sunk a whole lot of time and effort into this site and it pays him absolutely nothing.



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