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This forum said that the subject doesn't have to be home inspection related. So here goes. I bought a new laptop computer that will be used to write inspection reports with. I have internet dial-up on a telephone line. I take the laptop and place it on my kitchen table and all of a sudden I'm on line. It appears that a neighbor uses WiFi or whatever it's called. I was told this is against federal law for me to do this. I didn't set up the computer to seek them out, it just connects automatically. It seems to me if this was such a big concern, people would be blocked from doing it. What does everyone think? Should I be worried about the feds breaking my front door down?

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There's places in the City where'll I'll pull over, turn on the computer, & find at least a dozen networks "calling" me.

I used to tag a few reports out that way, but have since stopped; I wouldn't want someone doing it through my computer. Not that I care about the person's traffic as I am w/possible virus' or other malfunctions.

Wouldn't it be cool to work in a City that was wired?

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I have a wireless setup in my home as well, and have setup WEP (wireless encrytion protocol) to have a "key" (a multi-digit combination Hex and Alphanumeric number) that I chose, and must be entered, before the router will allow any connection to our network. I also do not "broadcast" my SSID, so others in the neighborhood can't "see" my network.

I also can see several of my neighbors wireless networks as well, but refrain from connecting to theirs for the same reason I don't want anyone sharing mine. I have shared systems in the house, so that we can all access each others systems through explorer, as well as shared printers, so that anyone can use the color printer, along with the b/w laser...

I'd highly suggest you figure out how to setup WEP, its really easy, and will prevent unauthorized access to your network.

So you can sleep at night...


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Hey Kurt our little town is going wireless. Our city is putting in wireless network that can be accessed for a small monthly fee. I believe that some of the access is free like public info, but, if you want to use it for wireless access you have to pay. It seems that it was pretty reasonable and you can access over a large area. the main reason they are doing it is for Public Works, Police and Fire vehicle mounted computers. it is pretty cool that the rest of the city can take advantage of it. I am sure I'll end up signing up when they finish the system.


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I confess that I don't know much about it, which probably seems weird to most of you since Seattle is supposed to be one of the most wired cities in the country. I routinely see real estate agents sit down while I'm doing an inspection, open up their computers all over the city and they are instantly online. It's had me wondering how I could use it to my own advantage.

I seem to recall an article in the Seattle paper some months back that called that "piggybacking" or something like that and said that it was illegal and that it's a prosecutable offense. If you search the Seattle P-I web page you might be able to find it.



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