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Home Inspector Loses His Heart to African Kids

Jim Morrison

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by Jim Morrison

At the end of the summer of 2005, I spent three weeks in southeastern Kenya on the Taita/Rukinga Ranches, which is a very densely wooded 170,000 acre area in the Taita Hills a few hours outside of Mombasa.

I was a volunteer with a team of wildlife researchers from Earthwatch (www.earthwatch.org) whose main purpose was documenting the “Maneless Lions of Tsavoâ€

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I sure wish there were more people (including inspectors) who have a global (everythihng in connected) perspective / mentality as you appear to have Jim. Good luck and congradulations to you and to those you aid. There is a great need for healing and helping (perhaps the same thing) all round.

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In addition to this being a shameless "thread bump", I'd just like to thank the HI's who reprinted (with permission) this article on other sites, who sent me "attaboys", or sent me money. I'd especially like to thank Mr. Mike O'Handley for allowing me to plug a favorite cause on his bandwidth, and the Browns for making it possible. By the end of this month, I expect to send over enough money to see one child through four years of high school.

I hope everyone who sent so much as a positive thought my way knows that they have helped to change the world.

Thank you,


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Hey Everybody,

The other day, I received a nice letter from Moses, the Kenyan kid you helped send to school. He is pretty far removed from the political violence in that country and is doing quite well in his studies. I thought you'd like to have a look at the kid you sent to high school on a full scholarship.

Thanks once again to the TIJ family for all your support,


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