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NACHI Hopes to Change NJ Licensing Law

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On February 25th the newly formed New Jersey chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) will hold its first formal meeting at the Ramada Inn, 399 Monmouth Street, East Windsor.

According to chapter organizer Phillip R. Hinman of Clemonton, because the focus of the first meeting is primarily to discuss changes to the New Jersey home inspector licensing law, the meeting is open to all New Jersey home inspectors regardless of affiliation. Hinman says the agenda includes:

1. Introduction of the new NACHI chapter.

2. Discussion of changes to the existing New Jersey home inspector licensing law that NACHI is preparing to propose.

3. Solicitation of support(financial or otherwise) for NACHI's newly-hired New Jersey lobbyist in getting NACHI's proposals enacted.

4. Discussion of strategy for the future as home inspectors in New Jersey.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00PM and will begin with a dinner. Hinman emphasized that there is no cost to join the chapter or to attend the meeting. However, for those who wish to dine, dinner will cost $20.

NACHI intends to award 1 continuing education unit (CEU) for attendance. Those wishing to attend should E-mail and RSVP to NACHI's Executive Director, Nick Gromicko, at nickgromicko@NACHI.org or go to the NACHI website for additional details.

Check out ourother news items or visit our forums.

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On February 25th the first meeting of the NJ NACHI Chapter took place. The meeting was rousing success with slightly over 60 people in attendance.

NACHI was represented by our Executive Director Nick Gromicko and our President Joe Hagarty.

We introduced Mr. Bill Maer who will serve as our lobbyist to the legislators.

Also in attendance were members from Garden State ASHI, South Jersey ASHI and NJ-ALPHI.

The mix in this group included officers of the groups, licensed inspector(9), aspiring home inspectors(24) and some people who came out to find out what the home inspection industry is about.

We raised $3600 in donations, 50/50 and raffles. I was quite encouraged by the willingness of those there to support us financially. Several people came up to me afterwards and promised to send money soon as business picked up.

We outlined generally at the meeting our ideas to make the licensing law work better for us. Those few items include:

1. Put the mentoring into the school so when finished the student has a license available to him/her at graduation.

2. Change the wording in the 250 supervised inspections from "employed by" to "supervised''.

3. Extend the law a minimum of six months.

Much work is needed to better define the above and we are working at this time to fine tune the changes. Stay tuned!!

My thanks also goes out to the fellows who ran the raffle and the 50/50. They did a great job of convincing the attendees to help the cause.

I was asked about how everyone could stay in touch with progress and I think this thread is the best way to handle the reporting of progress. I can be reached personally at inspectionsplus@comcast.net if there are any other questions.

Nick and Joe did a great job of explaining NACHI and their roll in the industry. We had plenty of tough questions and all were answered.

Looking forward to the next meeting and please support the organization.

Please send any donations to NACHI directly.

Phillip R. Hinman

Chapter Founder

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I am just curious and as we say down in the South "I don't have a dog in this hunt", but just how many times can you keep delaying the date for the license law?

After six months, you will have somebody else whining that they didn't have enough time and so on. I might have the dates and times wrong , but hasn't this law been delayed a couple of times already. What about those that have already become licensed and have paid the required fees, will they get a refund, while everyone else gets a free ride?

The 250 "indentured servitude" inspections are ridiculous as is the 300 hours(or whatever it is) of education from select providers.

NJ (along with PA)has become the national example of what not to do with home inspector licensing.


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