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Anyone heard from...

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Gee, it only took you bums a month to miss me? I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. [:-irked] [;)]

I haven't been able to get to that "last job" lately. Every time I get down to *one* some damn buyer calls up and wants to hire me. Dang pesky clients. On top of a steady stream of that I'm getting more and more calls about odd little inspections that pay decent (but not great) money, and working on the assumption that a drought may follow a monsoon I'm grabbing for all I can while it's there. School started, so did soccer for the little guy, my MS license came up for renewal, so did my E & O (ouch!), and the damned grass won't stop growing. Is it football season yet?

Plus I'll frankly admit to a mild case of HI Board Burn-Out, but it won't last long. For therapy I've spent my dwindling internet time on other sites kicking around the stuff we leave alone here (politics, sex, war, religion, etc.).

My thanks to Wild Bill and the callers this morning, but all is well in Bri-Land.

Brian G.

Funny Talking Interior Decorator [:-cyclops

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