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Decision Aims at Pre-Inspection Agreements


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According to this Washington Post article by lawyer/columnist Benny L. Kass, a recent decision handed down in a D.C. Court of Appeals is going to give homeowners more leverage when dealing with home inspectors who attempt to shield themselves from liability using a pre-inspection contract. Click here to read the entire article.

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Mr. Kass seems to be both a capable lawyer and writer. The key word in the piece is "gross". No pre-inspection agreement can or will protect you in that event.

Note that the high court returned it to the trial judge for that determination and did not rule on anything else.

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There is some fairness to this interpretation.

I'm currently working w/a homeowner who got royally screwed by a very lousy home inspection, and the inspector beat the rap for the price of the inspection.

I mean, it (the inspection) was really, really lousy; I could see some of the stuff as I drove up. Creeps shouldn't be able to get away w/this.

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