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Joe Lstiburek's Builders Guide to Cold Climates


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If you inspect in a cold northern climate and are seeing new hi-tech construction details that you're not familiar with, you might consider investing in Dr. Joe Lstiburek's new book, Builder's Guide to Cold Climates ($45.00) available from The Journal of Light Construction Online Bookstore.

According to JLC's press release:

"This compact guide contains up-to-date information on building durable, energy-efficient homes using the latest materials and design concepts. You'll find detailed, practical information on all aspects of home construction - from foundations and framing to vapor retarders, HVAC, and ventilation, representing the current thinking of the country's leading energy building experts. Loaded with over 170 detailed construction drawings, the book is organized for easy access to information, and its handy size and heavy spiral binding make it convenient for the job site"

If it's written by Dr. Joe, you can be sure that it'll be a building science education in itself and worth the cost.

For this and other JLC books, Click here.

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