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Minimum opening requiring damper???

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Hi Chris,

I see a lot of woodstoves here. Some have dampers but most do not anymore. Like Chad says, combustion now is usually controlled by regulating air intake.

There is no discussion of dampers in my HVAC Code Check, although it has pretty extensive specs for wood-burning devices under ICBO, UBC and NFPA requirements. All it says for all is that the device must be installed in accordance with its labeling and listing, that the vent can't be any smaller than the collar and that (NFPA) the flue can't be any larger than 3 times the diameter of the vent collar.

If they've disclosed that, my guess is that they'll have the installation manual lying around nearby to 'take the wind out of the inspectors sails' should he comment about the lack of a damper.

Whenever I'm in doubt about one of these, I'll inspect it as I see it, state that I'm unsure about such-and-such requirement and tell them I'll check it out and call them with an answer. If it is something that I know I won't be able to do right away, I'll take down whatever data I can find off of the appliance, give it to the client and recommend the client obtain the instruction manual from the owner, to double-check it, or contact the manufacturer and request they e-mail or fax specs for the appliance to them.

It seems to work fine. I've only had to ever go back once - when a client's insurance company insisted that a special form be filled out by and inspector to document everything about the stove. I was on-site 15 minutes and got paid $75. to fill in some blanks with data from the stove and sign my name to the document.



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