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I don't know why, but it made me furious . . .


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. . . and for the first time ever, I called the local building insp. office, and gave them the license number of the Master HVAC installer, hoping he's get sanctioned or penalized, or tarred and feathered. The permit sticker is for the rough-in. The final never happened.

Photo #1 A shiny one-year-old Trane furnace the homeowner likely paid four grand to have installed. Forget about the lack of combustion air. Forget about the return-air duct two feet away from furnace, 'cause even worse is . . .

Photo #2 The flue pipe terminating into the underside of a roof vent.

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I'll certainly spread the word. And sadly, this work was performed by a company that's been around for decades. The same kind of company that'll come behind me or you and say, "Them home inspectors don't really have the training that's necessary to evaluate this furnace. There's nothing wrong with it. It's working perfectly fine."

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