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cement porch floor repair question


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My daughter's girl scout leader had her home inspected by a buyer's inspector. Her townhouse is well cared for, so he didn't find anything wrong, other than the front porch, on his way out. The concrete floor of the porch was repaired by the association over three years ago. It looks like a decent repair, even though concrete is difficult to patch. The inspector said that it is eroding from salt, now the buyer wants them to replace it. Can you guys look at the pix and let me know what you think of it?

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Is that paint? If not, it's probably been coated with xypex. The crack is a curing crack and is where it should be - at the control joint cast into the slab.

I don't see anything to indicate salt erosion. I think the inspector must've stopped by the local pub before he came over to do the inspection.



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It is not paint, it looked to me like a self leveling concrete repair, but I haven't seen one that would hold up outdoors for three years. I will look into the xypex. Oh, and Mike, could you try to get replies out a little quicker? Thanks for your help.

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Xypex is a crystalline waterproofing material (CWM). It's a catalyst that reacts with the concrete and causes crystals to form in the first 3-4 inches of concrete from the surface. It prevents the concrete from absorbing water. In your area, it might work to prevent absorption and spalling of the surface. When it's applied, it looks kind of like a rough paint job.

I'm sitting here working on a report with two windows opened up on my computer. One window displays the 'active topics' page and refreshes every two minutes and I'm working on the report in the other. That's how I was able to spot that post so quickly.

OT - OF!!!


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