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Air conditioning upgrade and 100 AMP service.

Terence McCann

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I doubt you'll find anything in writing. I was always told a 60-amp service could sustain two 240-volt appliances and that a 100-amp service could sustain three. I used to tell people they would have to use a gas range if they wanted A/C and a clothes dryer connected to a 60-amp service.

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

In older homes that have 60 AMP service and have had air conditioning installed I always recommend upgrading the service 100 Amp minimum. Also, all the years that I was in the trade it was always a given however, does anyone have documentation substantiating this?

I never thought about it in those terms.

If I have any doubt, I do a quick load calc. It's pretty easy. You'll find a good one in the back of code check electrical.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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