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NACHI Now Offering Mold E&O Coverage To Members


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Denver-September 20

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is now offering professional mold inspectors errors and omissions liability coverage for home inspectors. NACHI, together with the Insurance Office of America, Inc (one of the top ten largest independently owned insurance agencies in the United States), has arranged to provide this important coverage for their members.

Those NACHI members that acquire approved training can obtain this coverage with no prior experience or qualifications. No other association fees or mandated standards are required. The limits of liability are $1,000,000 ($500,000 also available) with $5,000 deductible (options upon request). Annual premium $2,000 or less plus applicable State Tax & fees (terms available). The "flat" premium is NOT revenue based, so there are no surprise audits to face.

Policy features include:

  • Individual inspector named as insured
  • Additional insured can be added at no additional cost
  • Claim-made policy
  • Underwritten by "A" + rated insurance provider
  • Access to many qualified testing laboratories
  • Eligible for the companion general liability. This general liability coverage is underwritten by "A" + rated insurance company with limits of $1,000,000. and NO deductibles, annual "flat" premium of only $350
  • NO surprise audits
  • No underwriting delay as binding is immediate upon submission of approved application & premium payment.
  • Access to other insurance coverage; workers compensation; auto; property & bonds
Coverage can be obtained by a simple process for the NACHI member who:
  • is a NACHI member in good standing,
  • successfully completes the NACHI approved mold inspection training through PRO-LAB,
  • completes the insurance application, and sends completed application and premium to IOA c/o Rod Morton, Senior Vice President.
Binding insurance certificate will be forwarded promptly.

For additional information, click web site www.ioausa.com or contact NACHI's rep, Rod Morton at:

Rodd Morton, Senior Vice-President and NACHI Rep.

Insurance Office of America, Inc

P.O. Box 162207, Altamonte Springs, Fl 32716-2207

PH 407-998-4109 (800-243-6899) Fax 800-788-2324

E-mail: rod.morton@ioausa.com


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