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Kitchen disposal connection


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On another forum it has been discussed that NM cable (Romex) is not allowed for the connection of a kitchen disposal. Every single home that

I have inspected has been connected with NM cable.

Some I have noted, that the NM cable is in an area that it could be subject to damage, but I have never said that NM cable can not be used for the connection of the disposal.

Should I be reporting that NM cable should not be used? HELP!

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Yes, unprotected nm cable,(romex)(it's a brand like kleenex) should be reported when it is exposed and suseptable to damage. People have the tendency to shove a myriad of things under the kitchen sink that could damage the nm cable. I find quite a few GD that do not have proper wire restraint devices either. In my area it is acceptable to have it (romex) exposed in the garage if it is located 7' or higher.


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They're connected with NM, MC and cord and plug here all the time. New homes are all cord with plug. I usually call NM because it is, as Douglas pointed out, typically not secured within one foot of the connection. Most of the time, it also doesn't have proper strain relief and on more than one occasion I've found the wiring taped up and arc/char marks on the disposal housing where the constant back and forth movement caused by shoving a trash can into the cabinet beneath the sink had caused the unrestrained cable to chafe through and short out.

MC'S the same - no strain relief in about 90% of the cases.

Another common thing here is to find the romex either connected to a plug and plugged into a receptacle beneath the sink or wired to a switch in an ungrounded metal box mounted just inside the cabinet door without a switch cover on it.

Then there are the disposers wired with lamp cord without an equipment grounding conductor directly to a switch in an ungrounded metal box without the cover........



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