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A Word of Caution: Hold your Tongue


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I am a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser "INACTIVE". I found when I was in the business that Mortgage Brokers have their own mentality. I worked for one that told me that they go by the golden rule. That being He who has the gold makes the rules. Meaning that you go by their rules or you don't eat.

Paul B.

PS: Notice that I mentioned no names.

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It is the art of diplomacy to tell others when they are wrong to some correctable degree without overtly offending them and their values.

There is an old Irish saying that describes the art of telling someone to go to "hell" while at the same time having them think that are being complemented. The meaning of the intent sinks in later.

In relation to the slander and libel, do not do it. Pick your words carefully when giving criticism.

It can be a cold hearless world if you try to manipulate or exploit anyone for personal advantage.

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