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Bootstraps. Ever heard of ‘em?


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By Ellen Rohr

Time to do Ellen Rohr’s absolutely-painless-fast-n-easy-why-not-make-your-dreams-come-true program. You can make this coming year your best ever. Follow these steps…

1. What is your POINT? What is your purpose? Each of us is given unique talents, genetics and desires. It is our responsibility to discover how to use those gifts to be of service to others. What would your life be like if you were absolutely ‘on purpose’? (A nice bonus of being ‘on purpose’ is that you have your greatest chance of being really successful!) When you were a little kid you probably had a very clear idea of what you wanted to be when you grew up. What was that? Is that your purpose? Write it down. If you don’t know for sure what the heck your purpose is, that’s OK. Keep asking and jot down your hunches. You’ll figure it out.

By the way, no fair just thinking through these steps. You must write it down. Committing the thoughts to paper is essential to the program. That’s the rule.

2. Go for PERFECT! What would be your ‘Perfect Day’? Write down, in great detail, what your ‘perfect day’ is like. This is a lot of fun and won’t take you but a few minutes. Close your eyes…imagine your ‘perfect day’. What time do you wake up? Where? With whom? What do you have for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Where do you work? What do you do? How much money do you want to make? To spend? On what? What good works do you want to accomplish? Who would you like to talk to? How much time would you spend outdoors? Alone or with others?

3. Look yourself in the eyeballs. Take stock of your current situation. Using your ‘perfect day’ as a guide, write down where you are now compared to where you want to be. What time must you wake up now? Where? With whom? How is your average right-now day different from the ‘perfect day’? In some areas, you will be pleased to discover, you are living the ‘perfect day’. Maybe your relationships with your kids are exactly what you want them to be. Maybe you absolutely love your home, your job…at least what you have for dinner? In a few areas you might be within ‘spittin’ distance’ of your perfect day. Perhaps you love the work that you do, but your office needs some remodeling. You might find an area where you are way off track. You’ve discovered that your real purpose is teaching children, but you spend 12 hours a day selling insurance. Just write down the current situation and compare each point to the ‘perfect day.’

4. Go where you are LOW. Pick the area that has the largest variance between what you want and where you are right now. You don’t have to change everything. Just focus in on the one point that is farthest from where it should be. That’s it. Your energy needs to be focused on narrowing the gap in that one area. For instance, your soul longs for the farming life and you live in an apartment. You pick this area. Now…how to make the changes?

5. Keep Score. Once you’ve figured out the goal - for instance, a farm in the country - how could you make that happen? How much money would you need? Do you have it? Where could you get it? Do you know which farm or what country? How could you learn about farming? From these questions create a ‘to do’ list. Wherever possible, assign a number that will keep track of how you are doing. Make yourself talk to three realtors about farm tracts. Statistics keep you honest - you either talked to three realtors, or you didn’t. Start a savings account with specific goal of ‘x’ number of dollars. (That is why I love money. It’s so easy to keep score with it!) Get the idea?

6. Bootstraps! Hold yourself accountable. You are the only one keeping you from the ‘perfect day.’ Yep. Just you. You are your only obstacle. This is America. The universe is abundant. Get going and make your dreams come true. I saw a cartoon once that had the caption “Self-help books we’d like to seeâ€

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