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You think you're having a bad day?

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Poor guy, I felt that all the way to my ankles when those wheels hit him.

That had to be really painful. When I was in high school I was on a 40 passenger school bus one day when the outer of two of our left-rear wheels came off, passed our bus and then hit a compact car head on. We were doing about 30 miles an hour through town at the time and it wiped out the Valiant that it hit.

OT - OF!!!


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Not to get metaphysical as another Sunday eases away from us, but things like that video, the plane that took off on the wrong runway here in Lexington, along with multiple other random deaths of people I've known during the past year who were doing nothing other than minding their own business, serve to remind me how tenuous life can be. I won't regurgitate any of the cheesy old saws, but I think we all forget sometimes how fortunate we are to be healthy and walking around smelling the roses.

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